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Ottawa County Regional Water

The Village of Elmore is considering whether or not to enter into an agreement with Ottawa County officials to become a customer of Ottawa County Regional Water. 

While this has been a topic of discussion for many years, current circumstances benefit the Village to some very attractive, financial opportunities that have not existed before and that are unlikely to exist again.

Today, Elmore sources its water from local underground wells. The Village operates a treatment plant to ensure the water meets all quality requirements.  The Village also operates and maintains the distribution system that gets the water from the wells to treatment, to storage, and ultimately to individual taps.

Ownership, operation, and maintenance of our local water system has become increasingly costly and challenging. Recognized experts in this area advise that these trends will continue without end, as various regulatory agencies including the EPA, continue to impose ever-more stringent and costly requirements. This puts small water operations like Elmore in the position that we will eventually be unable to afford to operate independently and will have no choice but to join the Ottawa County regional water operation system located near the Materion plant. Several notable points:

  • The overall project cost for the extension to the Village of Elmore is $4.5 million. 
  • Due to uniquely positive, time-sensitive economic conditions the Village’s portion of this cost is only ~$750,000. One-time-only grants are available for up to ~$350,000. The Village is applying for these, and for additional zero interest loans to cover the entire cost.
  • Water quality, volume, pressure and other concerns will remain at current levels or at more favorable level, and will be able to satisfy any foreseeable Village growth / economic development (residential, commercial or industrial)
Village officials will do everything possible to share all information as it arises and evolves.